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Fashion Eye Tahiti by Jonathan Llense

Fashion Eye Tahiti by Jonathan Llense

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French photographer Jonathan Llense has created a new title for Louis Vuitton's Fashion Eye Series — examining the ordinary moments of island life in Tahiti, tracing his own map of an ever-changing territory.

Venturing off the beaten track, Jonathan Llense draws inspiration from everyday life to reveal a series of still life photos with unsuspected poetry. Stray dogs, shadows stretched across concrete and found objects coexist in a surprising interplay. Guided by his photographic instinct, with no predefined objective, he allows a singular story to emerge, reflecting his own obsessions. The travelogue takes on an intimate, stripped-down quality, moving away from human presence and closer to the ephemeral, captured in vivid hues.



Each book in Louis Vuitton’s Fashion Eye series reveals a country, a region, a city, or a destination through the gaze of a fashion photographer. Title after title, a broad compendium of perspectives emerges, one that shifts with the destinations, including urban panoramas and natural landscapes, scenes of local life, and more contemplative work. Fashion Eye gives rise to an unprecedented dialogue between emerging talents, seasoned photographers, and fashion photography legends.

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